Ideas for Group Activity

Activity for a Meeting of your Local Action Group

  • Get new people engaged by letting them make their own bumper stickers as a team building activity.

  • Bring a selection of printed Speak Out Wisely images that are applicable for your group or create and print your own images for your group. Print them in both the 10 in wide and 7 in wide sizes to give people a choice.

  • Pre-cut the self-adhesive clear covering to use with the 10 in. and the 7 in. bumper stickers. The clear covering should be about 0.75 in. larger than the bumper sticker image on all sides. Cutting the clear covering in advance and laying the cut pieces flat under a heavy book helps to remove the curl in the clear covering backing.

  • Show people how to remove the clear cover backing sheet, apply the bumper sticker image face down onto the adhesive, and then to put the cover backing sheet back on until the bumper sticker is ready to apply.

Tabling Activity

  • If you local action group does tabling at events, then consider giving out free bumper stickers to encourage people to speak out publicly about your cause.

  • These bumper stickers are relatively inexpensive - less than 50 cents each and very easy to apply and later remove.

  • Make the bumper stickers for the tabling at one of your local action meetings as a team building activity.

Suggestions for making these bumper stickers in large quantities

  • Do the color printing more efficiently by putting multiple copies of the image on a singe sheet - two (slightly reduced) 9 in. bumper stickers or three 7 in. bumper stickers per printed sheet. The Pages app on a Mac or MS Word on a PC can be used to put multiple images on a single page.

  • You can buy a larger roll of the Con-Tact Clear Covering Self-Adhesive shelf covering - 24 feet by 18 in. from Amazon (~ $18).

  • The tight curl of the rolled Clear Covering backing can be annoying. Taking the original tight roll and moving it to a 3 in. round mailing tube reduces the curl substantially and makes working with the Clear Covering easier.

Why not just buy professionally printed vinyl bumper stickers?

  • Small vinyl bumper stickers don't have room to say much. Large vinyl bumper stickers are not cheap, even in volume. They cost enough that you can't give them away for free.

  • Self-made bumper stickers can be very dynamic - reacting immediately to the most recent events. Ready to hand out at tomorrow's rally.

  • Since you are not trying to order in volume, you can have a wide variety of bumpers stickers images in two sizes available for your group members to choose from - no "one size fits all".