Defend YOUR Democracy - Speak Out Now!!

Illinois US Congressional Dist. 4

America is Great, but our Democracy is getting into Dangerous territory

America is on a slippery slope away from a strong, robust Democracy toward a weak, corrupt Democracy that only serves the elites and mega-corporations

The pre-conditons have been creaping in for many years

  • gerrymandering - representatives choosing their voters instead of voters choosing their representative

  • unlimited, anonymous campaign financing corrupting the whole political process

  • restricted voting rights for many

  • corporate lobbyists writing the legislative bills

  • biased TV "news" presenting one side of the story

Now we are being hit with a wave of challenges to our Democracy

  • serious Presidential conflicts of interest being ignored by Congress and the Dept. of Justice

  • repeated, blatant lying from the White House

  • White House hostility toward the free press and judiciary

  • White House bullying of anyone who speaks out against the President

  • lack of transparency including No Presidential income tax returns and No White House visitor logs

  • fake news & social media trying to brainwash the electorate with repeated lies

Speak Out Now and Take Action to Strengthen Our Democracy

  • Speak Out with Strong Bumper Stickers. If someone is offended, then that's a small price to pay for defending our Democracy

  • Call or email your Representative and Senators frequently. Write letters to the editor.

  • A strong democracy depends on a well informed electorate. Biased "news" that presents only one side of an issue undermines a strong democracy. Find sources of unbiased news - check out NPR, PBS and BBC.

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