1. Buy clear self adhesive covering

2. Select and save image

3. Print and trim image

4. Cut clear covering to size

5. Put image face down on covering

6. Clean bumper and apply

Speak Out Publicly with a Strong Bumper Sticker

  • Large enough to make a meaningful statement

  • Very inexpensive to make

  • Durable through rain & snow

  • Easy to make, to apply and to remove (sticky part only on the edges, not the center)

  • Empowering to speak out on issues that really matter

Print your own large bumper stickers

  • Individually or with your Local Action Group

  • Use Speak Out Wisely images from the
    Democracy page or the Climate page

  • Or create your own images

    • Related to fixing our democracy and stopping climate change

    • Truthful, passionate, direct messages. Lies, hate & fear don't help

  • Share photos of your bumper stickers on Social Media and on Speak Out Wisely to inspire others

The steps are Easy (Brief Instructions)

  1. Buy clear self adhesive covering (see instructions for more detail)

  2. Select and Save the Image

  3. Print the Image and Trim It

  4. Cut the clear self adhesive covering

  5. Put the Image facedown on the sticky side of the adhesive covering

  6. Clean the bumper and apply the Bumper Sticker

  7. When you want, carefully remove (see instructions)