Speak Out with Strong Bumper Stickers

Are YOU Deeply Disturbed about the Future of YOUR Country and YOUR Planet?

Get Involved - Speak Out and Take Action

Speak Out on two of the Key Issues Facing America Right Now

Be Empowered by Speaking Out Publicly with Strong Bumper Stickers

  • Speak out with Truthful, Passionate, Direct Messages

  • Print your own large, free bumper stickers
    - use Speak Out Wisely images or create your own

  • Use these bumper stickers yourself or in your local action group

  • Share photos of your bumper stickers to inspire others - share on social media and on Speak Out Wisely

Take Action

  • Join a local group working on fixing our broken democracy or stopping climate change

  • Call or email your Senators and your Representative frequently

  • Write letters to the editor or guest opinions in your newspaper